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Mennatalah Khaled

An Egyptian photographer and film student. Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt in 1996. She graduated in 2020 with a Computer Science major from Faculty of Science, Alexandria University. She started experimenting with mobile photography in 2018 and in 2020 after graduation she decided on making a career shift into photography; mostly street photography, documentary photography and conceptual portraits. She got a scholarship to a photography workshop in Behna ElWekala by Abdelrahman Saeed. After that she got a scholarship for Maggie Steber’s masterclass sponsored by Photopia. Next, came the visual storytelling workshop by Mohamed Mahdy, Rehab Eldalil and Nadia Mounier, sponsored by Goethe Institute. Last but not least she got a scholarship to study filmmaking for a year at Jesuit’s filmmaking school in Alexandria, Egypt.


- The Golden Hour - 2022 at Glasgow gallery of photography in Scotland

- Manhood - 2022 at Photopia in Egypt

- Oblivious to me - 2021 at 6 Bab Sharq Art & Cultural space in Egypt

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