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Mennatalah Khaled

Mennatalah Khaled self-portrait

A DOP, photographer, filmmaker and video editor born in Egypt and based between Egypt and Dubai. In 2020, after graduating with a Computer Science degree from Alexandria University, she decided to turn media into her principal career and took a one-year filmmaking diploma. She is an AFAC grantee, part of the African women in photography, Sony alpha femme and her work has been featured and exhibited internationally. From portraits to fashion, street and documentary photography and cinematography, Menna's work explores different mediums to conceptualize and capture intangible elements of humankind, such as feeling and dreams.


  • Angkor Photo Festival 19th edition - 2024 in Cambodia
  • Sard III - 2023 at Photopia in Egypt
  • The Golden Hour - 2022 at Glasgow gallery of photography in Scotland
  • Manhood - 2022 at Photopia in Egypt
  • Oblivious to me - 2021 at 6 Bab Sharq Art & Cultural space in Egypt