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A'la Allah (In God We Trust)

Abu El-Abbas Mosque is one of the most recognizable signs of Alexandria, It consists of the mosque and its hall side by side to a small “amusement Park”. The project follows a contradiction
juxtaposes in the same place. The mosque and its hall hosts a group of homeless people called “El-Masakeen” or as described usually by the passersby “A’la Allah” (a slang describing
mentally ill people). Living on the minimal availabilities, they still collectively seek building a family by sympathy, hanging to the string of god keeping them intact no matter how people name
them “Lunatics”.
On the other side, the amusement park represents distraction hidden by vibrancy of colors and motion. In this sense, materialism and spirituality are moving forces to both sides in a way, and the project is trying to explore this hidden in plain sight emotional link.

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